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New artwork alert!

Finished this piece here that is in a style of a cover – it’s not part of anything, I just wanted to practice this – I also wanted to do a shirt/limited palette design with the same theming :3

Same EmBARK dog as well so it technically is a sequel, I think I’ll keep it as a character 🤣

So a double fetch quest :D
Hope you like it! Took a while to finish in-between double winter colds.

I think I’d love to be able to work on covers, especially ones in a cartoon style that’s character heavy – it’s just so much fun to do! I’m also improving my typography skills over time which is fantastic! As always I enjoy the character design and building that I still get to do!

Some non shirt stuff that sorta started out as shirts (middle char and the wizard one) :3 Just wanted to practice more character stuff. It’s a WIP if I can ever finish the BG.

I don’t want to be too hasty but there’s something in the works to do with all these characters and more I hope to realise one day!

OTTERly Magical!! One more otter design :3 I’m extremely happy with how this one turned out ^^ I very much enjoy a character design / shirt design hybrid type of art. It’s still something I’m incredibly passionate with! I’ve also been told that my art would suit children’s novel covers so I hope I can work on something like that one day!

New artwork alert! So this one started off as a sort of companion piece to a previous design of mines (Knight Owl) a fantasy Owl in armour. The more I drew the more I wanted to go back to my roots and turn it into a regular character design!
So here’s the Crow Rogue, Crogue!

Trying to get back into some character/concept art, as I have been doing a lot more shirt designs than ever before. I really like how this one turned out!
Planet Earth inspired + improv

Inktober Week 3 + :)