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New Print alert!
Aaah ShirtPunch picked up this design to print today :3 Thank youuu! So yeah if you want to grab a nice screen printed tee today it's here for $12 (23rd Feb)


Here’s the shirt!! It’s popped up on OtherTees until the 31st of July ^w^ Shirts are £8 which is awesome and each shirt supports my art!
I’m also working on a barbarian doggo!


Woo my Meowgical Spell shirt is silk screenprinting over at Wistitee.com This is my second print with these guys, my first print was an Autumn Totoro design surrounded by some forest Pokemon :D It’s up until the 16th of June! https://www.wistitee.com/en/

I recently picked up Illustrator, and I’m looking to see if I can unify my workflow as I use a bunch of different programs to do my shirt designs! Still not quite there yet, but it’s fun to draw on Illustrator. Glad I gave it a second try :)