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Took me so long to draw some eeveelutions in this style, BUT FINALLY it’s time! Not gonna stop here
I love drawing these elemental silhouette styles!

I’m happy I managed to finish SOMETHING before taking a big break :D Sad I couldn’t get a mega Gengar version done too but I will resume when I return! I said I’d continue to do more of these “Element Silhouettes” so here you go! :D

NEW FAN-ART ALERT! Hey all! I just wanted to make a post about all this Pokemon fan art I drew! I decided to do it in “Icon” format, square resolution so people can share the art around and set it as their profile pictures on Twitter, Instagram etc.
It’s been fun drawing these in my spare time! I will be doing a few more of these before moving onto new things!

NEW DESIGN(s) ALERT! I’m heading home to Scotland for 2 weeks and I don’t usually work on anything when I do that! So I wanted to have some work done beforehand! I ended up doing more TechraNova Element Silhouettes with Lucario and Mewtwo! I’m really happy with how they turned out! I hope you like them!

Here’s a bonus one I worked on through the weekend! I felt good about this until I REALISED I FORGOT ABOUT PICHU, pichu should’ve been the silhouette part!! So I might make an edit with both versions! Ooops.

Hello everyone! I finally finished my Grass Element Silhouette series! It’s a great feeling seeing them all together like this, I hope you like them! I will be taking a break from this style to work on some more original stuff! But I will be back to work on more in this style!

It took a while but here’s Bulbasaur / Venusaur done!! I think I managed to keep a consistent style alongside the Fire and Water starters and I can’t wait to work on the others! (After Xmas though!) :D

A late post, just wanted to document that this specific design was on sale on TheYetee.com on the 1st September! (1/09/16)
I hope you liked it!

A little sneak peak for my next shirt illustration and design. A close up of my “halftone” work as well (45 LPI Round) I’m extremely happy with how this one turned out! Although the background of this shirt is a very light blue, it works for much darker shades and purple even more! Officially this shirt (not including shirt colour) contains 5 colours.