NEW PRINT ALERT! I’m still on my break so I’m sorry for the lack of art! I’m back on the 14th! But here’s even more shirt stuff! If you missed this design, it’s printing on for 2 days! ^^

My shirt arrived from Qwertee! It looks so good, I’m also happy they screen printed a white layer instead of using the white of the shirt! It really helps Amaterasu stand out!
Hope you love the shirt! There’s another chance to grab this shirt for a limted time coming later today,!

NEW LIMITED PRINT ALERT! Ooooooh hey!! I have this limited shirt printing on TheYetee today! (Aug 3rd – also on tanks toooo!)

Here’s the shirt!! It’s popped up on OtherTees until the 31st of July ^w^ Shirts are £8 which is awesome and each shirt supports my art!
I’m also working on a barbarian doggo!

I got a phone case (from Ggeeky for free!) for my good friend but wanted to show off what it looked like before I give it to her! ;w; I wish I didn’t have a Moto phone sometimes hahah

If anyone is interested in my art on some phone cases here you go! Ggeeky are also looking for new artists themselves as well! ^^

I made a mockup with my 3 current “magical shirt protection spell” themed designs I’ve done so far! I hope to do more of these! I really like seeing them all together like this, it feels like a proper set.

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I made a shirt sequel to Meowgical spell and Magical Seal :3 It’s a PAWerful spell! Pretty much a trilogy now! Very happy with this one especially the character design element!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! My bf came up with this idea 😂 took me long enough to do it, he’s already beaten Sekiro twice.
Seriously though I was stuck on this design for a while and went on holiday for a few weeks in-between so it felt even longer, happy to have it done! I also like the limited colour palette

I’ve just finished another one of my “Element Silhouette” themed designs! :3 This time it’s mega Gengar!
Hope you like it ^^

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Hi all! I’ve finished another design, this time it’s another cute animal based design. I just really wanted to draw a cute little hermit crab with a castle as it’s shell. When the I read the phrase “my home is my castle” I thought it fit perfectly!

NEW PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️🛡️ :w; ONE MORE TIME, if you missed this design – it’s on Othertees until the 4th of July! Shirts are £8 :3

My EmBARK shirt arrived from TeeFury today!! :3 Thank you for printing my design guys!

(psst if you missed the chance for this shirt, there’s ONE MORE CHANCE coming once again tonight on another website! This design has been really popular, thank you for supporting my art, especially my original stuff ;w; )

NEW PRINT ALERT! If you missed this before :3 The wonderful folks over at Qwertee are printing this menacing design of mines!! Ends tomorrow at the end of the day :D 👻👻👻

As always Qwertee, thanks for printing my designs and supporting artsits!

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️Hey, if you missed out on my EmBARK shirt, @teefury picked it up for a print today! ;w; This one is a favourite design of mines and I’m so happy it got another print, I hope you guys like it too! (Shirts are $12)

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Yoo my “Menacing Ghost Within” design is printing at @ShirtPunch today!! 👻👻👻👻 Ends 23rd (Shirts $11) Sorry it’s all been shirt posts, they all seem to come at once!

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Yooo if you missed out on this design, here’s another chance for Tiger Driver! :3 Thank you TeeFury for printing my design and giving it a chance to be shown off on your platform!