The lovely people over at OnceUponaTee are printing my design for a few days!
Iyou missed out on this design of mines recently, it’s on @OnceTees for a few days! :3 You can even get it on a Christmas ornament – which is pretty festive!

Working hard on some more original designs – Part of my cute dog pocket + Kawaii face collections!

Hai guys @PamplingNews picked up my cyndaquil / typhlosion design and are printing it today :) (Nov 9th) Shirts are: 10.90€

Thank you Pampling

I’ve updated the stores because of the bunch of requests I got :3 Thank you doods for liking my art 😍
TeePublic: Username TechraNova
NeatoShop: Username TechraNova
Etsy: Username TechraNova
Tostadora: Username TechraNova
Redbubble 1: Username TechraNova
Redbubble 2: Username TrinityDragon

Hello everyone!
My Winter Zelda design got picked up by TheYetee for their cool #Sweaterfest2018 collection! I hope you like it and thank you so much for supporting my artwork!

I haven’t made a proper post about this – If you didn’t know I’m doing Inktober again (31 daily traditional drawings in October) for the 3rd year in a row :) I’m a bit behind because I got sick earlier. I’m using a cool world building environment list because I hope it helps me with background practice.

Previous 2 years were character design related (my favourite thing!) I look forward to seeing my environment art improve by the end of this challenge!

Hiiii guys! My spoopy Dark Link design is part of 's #Spoopyfest2018 collection until the 7th of October :3 It’s on shirts and sweatshirts ^^

I hope you check it out, and also check out the other designs in the collection. They are fantastic!
Thank you always for supporting my artwork!

Hope you like this sharply dressed hedgehog!

It’s never too early for spoopy art 🦇🌑 :)

NEW DESIGN ALERT: A koala-ty Koala Tee :3
Moar animal pun desiiiiigns are here, I love drawing these so much.

I designed a shirt for the UKSM Gaming speedrunning event going on this weekend. (Middle one!)
It’s live on Twitch:
The charity is SpecialEffect. If you want to donate directly to UKSM, here’s the link!

If you want to buy my cool shirt here is the link:
ALL profits got to Special Effect.

I donated my time to design the shirt and I’m really happy to support a caring cause. Special Effect is a gaming based charity that brings technology to help children with disabilities play the games they love. Please check it out ^^
Thank you!

Bird squawks Hey this design of mines is printing over at @theyetee today! ^w^ (Aug 17) Hope you check it out, and thank you Yetee for printing my designs!

My art I posted on twitter last week went “semi art viral” which was amazing – I’ve never had that kind of response to my art before and I’m incredibly happy it happened! It’s incredibly motivating! THANK YOU!

This Mage design of mines has been really popular and I’m super happy lots of people like the design – If you missed it here it is on ShirtPunch!! :3
(Aug 13 print)

Oh hey this design has been picked up by Once Upon a Tee for a quick daily print !! Thank you for picking it as a featured design! if you missed out!

Hi all! My Cappy Party shirt design is printing over at TheYetee today for 24 hours :) (Aug 3rd) Hope you check it out! Sorry for the magnitude of shirt sale spam there has been lately!

Wooo! My Bee Pawsitive design is printing on Qwertee today! (2nd – 3rd August) I’m really happy because it’s an original design that’s been picked up and I hope it does well!

Looks familiar? It’s my new banner on my portfolio page showing off 2017's Inktober drawings! I finally got last years (oops) Inktober drawings scanned in properly instead of phone camera photos. I’ve also finally updated my portfolio page showing my favourite ones off properly – replacing 2016's inktober works.

I really look forward to this year, whatever the prompt will be.

Hi all :3 My Three Mages design is printing over on the always wonderful @theyetee website today for 24 hours ^^

Last Bee design for now! :) I hope you’ve all enjoyed the theme I’ve been working on this month as July ends! It wasn’t really on purpose – I just wanted to keep on drawing more and more Bee pun designs!