Thanks for the love on this! :3 I've shared the Once Upon a Tee posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the past few days but I wanted to bring them up again if you missed it! But yes OUAT are printing all 8 for a week on their website, shirts/posters, even cute little Christmas ornaments 😅

I've never had 8 prints at once before which is really exciting! :)
Ends 26th

These were super fun to draw, especially Rosemon ^^
Thank you for the recent love for my Digimon drawings ;w;
Tentomon's mega was insanely hard to draw! Can't believe I'm finally done with these, but maybe I will do more digimon if people are interested 😃
Biyomon/Hououmon + Palmon/Rosemon
Tentomon/Herculeskabuterimon + Gomamon/Vikemon :3

I got to design this slimetacular shirt for Kasendrith!!! :3

If you recognise it, it's based on all the cool emotes I've done so far for his Twitch stream! I had a ton of fun drawing this, and if you also remember this also references an old art of mines from a few years back too 😁

:3 Direct link to the shirt above, it's a share a sale link that supports both me and Kas at the same time ^^

The wonderful people at ShirtPunch DOT com are printing these 4 pieces of artwork I did! I hope you like them as much as I did drawing them and thank you to ShirtPunch for the print!

Thank you so much to @theyetee who are printing both of these designs today (only today)! 😊😊 So if you want to get a high quality shirt and print whilst also supporting my art TheYetee is a fantastic place to go! 6 hours to go as well 😊
Thank you for the love and comments on my art yesterday. I'm working on the others, and I want to do some megas - although like Gatomon/Tailmon's mega is less memorable than Angewomon what to dooo :/ what do you guys think?

TeeFury are printing this design today only! Shirts are $12🌼🌾🌿🌱🦥🥰 TeeFury DOT Com
I'm going to grab myself the chocolate colour shirt ^^
It's in Navy, Black and Green too!

Thank you TeeFury for printing my design

It's so messy and full of issues but I'm still extremely proud of this animation I did for PotatoParadox's Twitch stream. This was animated with After Effects, a program I am still learning the basics off. Mix between tweening and frame by frame, the biggest challenge was having the looping grass stop and start ending on the right keyframe.

It's been a little while, but today I have a special print over at the always wonderful TheYetee. Thank you so much for printing my design, I always get so excited!

Stay at home 🏠 ~~~
Save Lives

It's getting harder and harder, but we must keep staying inside!

Made my own handwritten font!

Last weekend, my boyfriend took me to an Alpaca farm so we can do a 90 minute Alpaca walk around the farm. It was so cool, I got to learn more about alpacas too, they're such adorable and interesting animals.
He gave me the wordplay idea for this artwork :)

New Print alert!
Aaah ShirtPunch picked up this design to print today :3 Thank youuu! So yeah if you want to grab a nice screen printed tee today it's here for $12 (23rd Feb)

New artwork alert!

Finished this piece here that is in a style of a cover – it’s not part of anything, I just wanted to practice this – I also wanted to do a shirt/limited palette design with the same theming :3

Same EmBARK dog as well so it technically is a sequel, I think I’ll keep it as a character 🤣

So a double fetch quest :D
Hope you like it! Took a while to finish in-between double winter colds.

I think I’d love to be able to work on covers, especially ones in a cartoon style that’s character heavy – it’s just so much fun to do! I’m also improving my typography skills over time which is fantastic! As always I enjoy the character design and building that I still get to do!

Some non shirt stuff that sorta started out as shirts (middle char and the wizard one) :3 Just wanted to practice more character stuff. It’s a WIP if I can ever finish the BG.

I don’t want to be too hasty but there’s something in the works to do with all these characters and more I hope to realise one day!

Forgot to post some @qwertee shirts that arrived last week since I’ve been so absent :3 but they printed so well ^^
Much more vibrant in person!

Happy 2020! I finished it!! First artwork of the new decade! ^w^
Retrowave/synthwave/outrun look is my favourite aesthetic and I’ve done a few pieces in this style in the past! I finally got to draw a dragon too, I’m so proud of it!

Hello every one! Happy New Year and here is my first post for 2020!
Apologies for any sparseness and absence over the past few weeks! ( I like to count today as my official day back to it!) I’m catching up on Etsy stuff and I wanted to let you know I have some upcoming limited screenprinted shirt prints approaching! (Sylveon tonight) the others tba soon!

NEW ART ALERT! I finished the Galar starters in the cool element silhouette style! Thanks for liking these, I’ve really enjoyed doing them and I really appreciate the kind words! I’ve also enjoyed Sword a ton (I took Grookey :3 )

Not saying I’m done with these, but I will probably draw something else for a while haha :D I feel like that’s what I mostly did this year ^^’‘‘