Yay Qwertee is printing my silly Seal design! ^w^ I really like the drawing and I’m so happy seeing it get a limited edition print run with them. Sales lasts 24 hours and shirts are £9 which is sweeeet! #qwertee #shirtdesign #shirt 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ https://www.qwertee.com

A shirt is printing soon, very soon! As in tomorrow!
Protected by A Magical Seal prints with Qwertee.com tomorrow for a daily sale, super happy my original art design has been picked up by one of the biggest shirt screen printing websites – it’s so exciting! It will be my 3rd print with them :)

I reached 100 sales on my Etsy store since opening it in August 2017! I’m super thankful for NeatoShop – a great place that prints my designs on shirts! I hope to expand my Etsy store more and more in the future!

Updating my banners to my websites and stores – you’ll see some repeat designs because I want to show off my best work! My TeePublic banner as my favourite designs, my Redbubble banner was updated with only original artwork. Lastly my Twitter banner was a way to immediately showcase to people what kind of artwork I produce – hope you enjoy!

Finished another original Tshirt design :3 Very happy with this one!

Yay one of my personal favourite designs is printing with the Irish screenprinting design website Qwertee today for 24 hours ^w^ Their quality is fantastic! (Aw yiiissss) This is my second ever print with this website! (the 3rd special daily print for this design!)

Just some halftone close ups on all of my 2018 designs so far! Halftones are made for screen printing so all of these shirts are 3-5 colours only – how cool is that! I also have the original artistic gradient layers when I use DTG (Direct to Garment) Print places.
ALSO YES! Some of these designs are printing on my favourite Screen Printing website, soon! Can you guess what website it is?

Wooo, TeePublic is on sale :3 All my shirts are $14 and I’ve updated my page with all my recent designs. There’s also more originals I’m super happy with!! ^w^

My Gaming mouse design is printing today over at ShirtPunch.com ^w^ For 24 hours – my first daily print of the year, aww yiiis! https://www.shirtpunch.com/gaming-mouse
I was contacted 2 days ago about printing asap – I didn’t know it would be this quick!

Anyay, shirts are $10 and the sale ends after 24 hours ^^

Yo I have my charizard shirt printing over at Qwertee today for 24 hours! ^w^ https://www.qwertee.com/ Shirts are £9/€11/$12
First print with Qwertee, I’m so happy! ^^

My Charizard shirt is printing over TeeFury today for 24 hours ^w^ shirts are $12 and it’s a first daily print with them after so many designs in the gallery!
Feels great being on the front page! ^^

FROPPY~! Best Frog girl, best hero :3 My Froppy shirt is printing on TheYetee.com today for 24 hours ^w^ https://theyetee.com/ #bnha 🐸🐸🐸

I have a Kass shirt printing on TheYetee today only :3
http://theyetee.com/ 🐦🕊️🌿🎵 (16th of August)

I have a Splatoon design printing on TheYetee.com today for 24 hours! :)

Been watching Boku No Hero Academia :3

Trying to get back into some character/concept art, as I have been doing a lot more shirt designs than ever before. I really like how this one turned out!
Planet Earth inspired + improv

Some recent designs of mines :3

First print with Othertees! A website I have submitted…so many designs too without success! But I finally have a design printing there, and it’s an original design! Hope you like it!
Also available on mugs:

Hosting a shirt giveaway on my Twitter page so if you want to win some of my shirts + stickers, head on over there :3

Another shirt design of mines has arrived on TeeFury!! :3
My collection there grows!