I’ve really been pushing some original illustrations and design work lately! I’m working hard on my Amazon store of designs so I’ll be adding these adorable dog face designs alongside my massive collection of dog pocket designs (TechraPockets)

New design alert!
:) Worked super hard on another original design – keeping up with those bee puns! I love positive and happy designs with lots of cute elements and colours! Hope you like it!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Qwertee has picked up my “Three Mages” design for a print today :) Shirts are £9 which is super cheap :) If you want to grab one here is the website link: https://www.qwertee.com/

Sale ends on the 7th of July and it’s gone for good! Hope you pick one up.

TeeNow Brazil picked up some of my older designs for print today :) Thank you!

New design alert!
BEE PAWSITIVE by TechraNova :) Part of my cute animal design collection! I just keep on building up my original artwork catalogue.

Another great print by NeatoShop for my Etsy :3
NeatopShop helps support indie artists like me by fulfilling printing for my Etsy account :)

I’ve drawn a lot of dogs in the past year or so! They are the pocket designs I’ve been working and building on – I hope to concentrate more and more on original artwork in the future.

Dogs: Golden Labradoodle, Samoyed, Tibetan Mastiff, Cockapoo, Dalmation, Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, Pug, West Highland Terrier, Corgi, Chihuahua, Japanese Akita, Japanese Chin Dog, Pomeranian, Pibble Pitbull, Welsh Terrier, Bull Terrier and Basset Hound

Yay I’m a featured artist of the week on DesignByHumans ! You can read a little interview I did here ^w^ http://blog.designbyhumans.com/featured-artist-techranova/

I’m on holiday right now, so I’ve been taking a break from working. However this design has returned on ShirtPunch this time for a day! If you missed out then here’s another chance! https://www.shirtpunch.com/

Oh hey! I have a new design printing over on TheYetee.com again! ^w^ This time it’s a sequel design to my most popular design so far :3
Froppy and frog costume Sakura are the best frog girls

This Axolotl pocket design I did got picked as design of the day on DesignByHumans :3

My summery windwaker inspired design is having a limited print run over at TheYetee.com today for 24 hours on their website ^^
TheYetee always treats artists so well and I love printing with them! :3 Hope you pick up a new shirt! (they have tanks too because suuuuuuuun!)

Hii! If you missed out on my Harvest Moon inspired design before, it’s got a print over at ShirtPunch today https://www.shirtpunch.com/
Shirts are screen printed and are $10

If you missed out on my most recent design it was picked up by ShirtPunch! :)

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Hi all! My Kass+Medli inspired shirt design is printing on @theyetee today! (April 16th) BIRB bards 🎶🎵🎶 https://theyetee.com/#
I’ve had many prints with this lovely company in the past and I adore their quality :) Thanks guys!

Happy with this fan art I completed recently as I was taking a break from shirt designing!

My Life Goals doggo shirt design is printing on https://www.teetee.eu/ today :3 (April 3rd)

#halftones #animals #dog

OtherTees picked up my Magical Seal design! Thanks Othertees! https://www.othertees.com/
©Magical Seal Pun Artwork by Sarah Richford (TechraNova)

Hi hiii! My Harvest Moon inspired design is printing on TheYetee.com today ! (22nd March) I’m really happy with how the design turned out and I hope you check it out! https://theyetee.com/# #HarvestMoon

ShirtPunch.com is another cool screenprinting shirt website that wanted to print my Magical Seal design, I’ve printed with them a bunch of times now and I love their quality! ^^ March 20 sale :)