I have a Kass shirt printing on TheYetee today only :3
http://theyetee.com/ 🐦🕊️🌿🎵 (16th of August)

I have a Splatoon design printing on TheYetee.com today for 24 hours! :)

Been watching Boku No Hero Academia :3

Trying to get back into some character/concept art, as I have been doing a lot more shirt designs than ever before. I really like how this one turned out!
Planet Earth inspired + improv

Some recent designs of mines :3

First print with Othertees! A website I have submitted…so many designs too without success! But I finally have a design printing there, and it’s an original design! Hope you like it!
Also available on mugs:

Hosting a shirt giveaway on my Twitter page so if you want to win some of my shirts + stickers, head on over there :3

Another shirt design of mines has arrived on TeeFury!! :3
My collection there grows!

And that’s a further two shirts appearing on the wonderfully popular Pop culture tee website: TeeFury!
http://www.teefury.com/techranova Check it out!

My quest to move towards more original art these days is going well! My Pupcakes design has been added to TeeFury.com joining my Woofles drawing ^w^

Two new shirt designs of mines have been added to TeeFury.com! My collection of shirts there grow more and more ^^

My popular “Shalaka Dance” shirt was featured by the Zelda Informer page on Facebook! Thank you for exposure like that – it really helps!

SHALAKA! I have another print at http://theyetee.com/ again! This time it’s a Hestu inspired shirt design from Breath of the Wild! I hope you like it ^^
I very much enjoy designing quirky shirts!

Aahh ;w; thank you to everyone who has been buying my silly waffle dog shirt from Teefury.com I really appreciate it! :3 Never popped up in the fan favourite section before ^^
The fact that my original art drawing (not tied to IPs) is selling extremely well makes me proud :)

I have a special daily print over at TheYetee.com today! 24 hours and it’s gone!
Love printing with these guys, their print quality is top notch!
Check it out KWEH!

I am hosting my first ever giveaway on my Twitter account! I’ve been wanting to host a giveaway for a while now since so many people have come to me and said they can’t afford my shirts :(

So if you want to join in, follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet here:

Paint With Neon! Design Sneak peak!

TechraNova design sneak peak!
Guess what game I’m still obsessively playing? :3

Two new designs of mines have been added to TeeFury.com!
My seasonal Totoro designs are two personal favourite of mines and I’m so glad that they have been popular with the printing places!

TechraNova Design sneak peak!
Guess what game I’ve been obsessively playing all week?