I made a Ko-fi account! Ko-fi is a website a little like Patreon where people can support artists, content creators and more! So if you’re interested here if the link!

NEW LIMITED SHIRT RUN ALERT! Hi all! The wonderful people over at Othertees have decided to give my new Meowgical Spell shirt a limited screen print! Love their quality, they printed my Magical Seal design a while back too so I’m really happy that they picked this one up too!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I decided to not be held back by colour limits and go all out for this Outrun Retrowave inspired aesthetic. I really enjoyed drawing my “Macawsome” design and I knew I had more to do in the future. I thought OWLsome was a perfect addition!

Sorry for lack of updates! I’ve been on home holiday! Came back last week and I’m slowly getting back into working/drawing again.
These are some recent prints from the new service I use to print my International (UK, EU +) orders on Etsy. I’m really impressed with the quality! Wish I could afford one of these awesome printers, someone spare me 15k lol
Anyway! They’re @ FCTextiles on FB if anyone is interested in my dropshopping source.

NEW DESIGN(s) ALERT! I’m heading home to Scotland for 2 weeks and I don’t usually work on anything when I do that! So I wanted to have some work done beforehand! I ended up doing more TechraNova Element Silhouettes with Lucario and Mewtwo! I’m really happy with how they turned out! I hope you like them!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Hi all, I’ve finished two designs! Both of them started off as one design but I worked with some friends to change the pun/wording on the bottom to keep up with my positive animal design theme. The Porcupine design was a salvaged one and I’m happy with how it turned out!

Illustrator practice, I’m really feeling this program! Glad I gave it a proper shot.

NEW DAILY PRINT ALERT! ShirtPunch.com are printing this greeeeen design today for obvious reasons! (March 17 2019) Hope you check it out! I’m very happy it got another print!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I’ve finally finished this Xenoblade inspired design! I hope you like it. This was a design that was quite a challenge to do (the post and limited colour palette for such colourful character design) and I will show my progress in a post tomorrow!

New artwork alert! So this one started off as a sort of companion piece to a previous design of mines (Knight Owl) a fantasy Owl in armour. The more I drew the more I wanted to go back to my roots and turn it into a regular character design!
So here’s the Crow Rogue, Crogue!

Qwertee have graciously picked up this design for a limited design print! 1st of March!
Hope you guys check it out!

Updating my Etsy account with some more original animal based shirt designs! Permanent Panic Opossum and Nervous Energy Greyhound! Thanks for sticking with me when I do more designs like it! I love doing some original based designs!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Made a companion piece :3 Nervous Energy Greyhound I’ve recently started working in a co-working freelance office and I think I’m channeling some feelings into my art.

This is another Illustrator piece minus the text and shading, I’m getting much better at vector based art! Paint Tool Sai has the vector capibility but no text in the system at all which makes my workflow more complicated than it needs to be. Trying to find the perfect program that can do it all!

NEW SPECIAL PRINT ALERT! Hii all, Once Upon a Tee are printing my Kanto Silhouette designs for a week! Shirts are screenprinted (lovely quality!) and are $13 each. I always get my designs on coasters when I print with these guys. A quad print feels pretty good!


Print ends on the 25th

I recently picked up Illustrator, and I’m looking to see if I can unify my workflow as I use a bunch of different programs to do my shirt designs! Still not quite there yet, but it’s fun to draw on Illustrator. Glad I gave it a second try :)

Having fun with RBG blending modes on Photoshop in the first image + playing with PhotoMosh in the second gif. Can you tell I love this style?

Getting back to some original designs! Idea by Stan – my partner who wanted an AWESOME Macaw design! I love the Retrowave, Outrun, Synthwave style of artwork and wanted to do something in that kind of style! Hope you like it!
Coming soon to my stores!

Here’s all the designs in my “Element Silhouette” series together in a quick gif collage! I’ve very much enjoyed drawing them all, and it’s been great seeing the improvement with some of them over time!

Want to contact me, Twitter is a good way to reach out! https://twitter.com/SarahR_Art/status/1094349858960486401

Here’s a bonus one I worked on through the weekend! I felt good about this until I REALISED I FORGOT ABOUT PICHU, pichu should’ve been the silhouette part!! So I might make an edit with both versions! Ooops.

Hello everyone! I finally finished my Grass Element Silhouette series! It’s a great feeling seeing them all together like this, I hope you like them! I will be taking a break from this style to work on some more original stuff! But I will be back to work on more in this style!