Designs I’ve worked on from 2016 onwards. Chosen and printed on popular websites such as: TheYetee, ShirtPunch, RIPTApparel, Qwertee, TeeTee.Eu, Othertees, Wistitee and TeeFury.

Slime Party remains one of my best selling shirts of all time, it generates a little passive income which I’m proud of! It was also used on TeeFury’s “Kid At Heart” collection’s thumbnail! (Yes that’s important to me!)

Printed with: TheYetee, TeeFury.

I have a great fondness for dragons, and I’m intrigued by Corrin’s dragon design. Her body is structured like a horse, but has 3-4 jointed limbs on her arms. I just had to design a shirt for her! I’ve recieved lovely comments from strangers who seem to like the design even though they didn’t know what it was referencing.

Printed with:

I enjoy drawing adorable designs, I can’t help myself. This design was when I truly found a new “stencil” shirt design style! I’ve been implementing it in most of my designs ever since!

Printed with:

It was unfortunately necessary to watermark these designs as I (and many other shirt designers) have had my designs stolen and resold on other websites.

Shirt Designs

A collection of some of my best designs, many more coming soon!

Shirt Illustrator and designer
As seen on:, TeeFury, Qwertee, TeeTee.Eu, TeeFury, and ShirtPunch
2016 Onwards
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