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Working hard on some more original designs – Part of my cute dog pocket + Kawaii face collections!

I haven’t made a proper post about this – If you didn’t know I’m doing Inktober again (31 daily traditional drawings in October) for the 3rd year in a row :) I’m a bit behind because I got sick earlier. I’m using a cool world building environment list because I hope it helps me with background practice.

Previous 2 years were character design related (my favourite thing!) I look forward to seeing my environment art improve by the end of this challenge!

Hiiii guys! My spoopy Dark Link design is part of TheYetee.com 's #Spoopyfest2018 collection until the 7th of October :3 It’s on shirts and sweatshirts ^^ theyetee.com

I hope you check it out, and also check out the other designs in the collection. They are fantastic!
Thank you always for supporting my artwork!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! So yeah, all I’ve been drawing is bee related designs! I’ve been having a ton of fun though and practising just simple typography has been helpful. I wont be stopping at three designs! There’s more on the way!

Trying to get back into some character/concept art, as I have been doing a lot more shirt designs than ever before. I really like how this one turned out!
Planet Earth inspired + improv

Two new designs of mines have been added to TeeFury.com
I’m extremely happy to see my original Woofles design has been added to a premium website that normally deals with pop culture crossover shirts! Makes me happy!

Design Sneak peak, look at those nice halftones!! :) I’m very happy with how this design came out, I feel like I’m getting better at more simplistic colour palettes. Instead of trying to be colour accurate all the time, sometimes themes are better

Design sneak peak! 3rd design for November and perhaps the last festive design I will be doing! :3 Can you guess what it is yet?

My second Festive design in November! I aim to do one more before I move onto some bright Spring themed designs! This one is based on one of my favourite childhood games, can you guess what it is? :)

New shirt design sneak peak! I hope you get to see this design in full very soon. I’m extremely proud of how this one turned out. 4 colours only: shirt works on navy, black, purple and other dark colours.

A little sneak peak for my next shirt illustration and design. A close up of my “halftone” work as well (45 LPI Round) I’m extremely happy with how this one turned out! Although the background of this shirt is a very light blue, it works for much darker shades and purple even more! Officially this shirt (not including shirt colour) contains 5 colours.