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New Print alert!
Aaah ShirtPunch picked up this design to print today :3 Thank youuu! So yeah if you want to grab a nice screen printed tee today it's here for $12 (23rd Feb)


Forgot to post some @qwertee shirts that arrived last week since I’ve been so absent :3 but they printed so well ^^
Much more vibrant in person!

Hello every one! Happy New Year and here is my first post for 2020!
Apologies for any sparseness and absence over the past few weeks! ( I like to count today as my official day back to it!) I’m catching up on Etsy stuff and I wanted to let you know I have some upcoming limited screenprinted shirt prints approaching! (Sylveon tonight) the others tba soon!

NEW PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️🛡️ :w; ONE MORE TIME, if you missed this design – it’s on Othertees until the 4th of July! Shirts are £8 :3

NEW PRINT ALERT! If you missed this before :3 The wonderful folks over at Qwertee are printing this menacing design of mines!! Ends tomorrow at the end of the day :D 👻👻👻https://www.qwertee.com/

As always Qwertee, thanks for printing my designs and supporting artsits!

WOO! I’m so happy about this one ;w; My “Time to EmBARK on an Epic Quest!” design is being printed by the awesome Qwertee website for 24 hours! (17-18th June!) https://www.qwertee.com/

This has been a personal favourite shirt design of mines, I’m so happy it’s getting some love and I hope many people get a shirt too!

NEW LIMITED EDITION PRINT ALERT! Hey all! The wonderful folks over at TheYetee.com are printing my Tiger Driver design today for a limited screenprint!
I’m personally really proud of this design, I spent a long time drawing it, and it was the first drawing from when I started working in a co-working office space! Glad to see my art go somewhere!

Hi all! My Kass+Medli inspired shirt design is printing on @theyetee today! (April 16th) BIRB bards 🎶🎵🎶 https://theyetee.com/#
I’ve had many prints with this lovely company in the past and I adore their quality :) Thanks guys!