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Last weekend, my boyfriend took me to an Alpaca farm so we can do a 90 minute Alpaca walk around the farm. It was so cool, I got to learn more about alpacas too, they're such adorable and interesting animals.
He gave me the wordplay idea for this artwork :)

The Collection is complete! I have finally finished this Eeveelution set fan art in my element silhouette style! I hope you like them!

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NEW ART ALERT! Woo! I’ve been too busy lately to draw much but I managed to squeeze in more of these drawings ^w^
Glaceon and Leafeon! I hope you like them! I tried something with the Glaceon palette, hopefully it works!

NEW ART ALERT! Finally finished the Espeon and Umbreon art! Umbreon was hard because I had the rule for it to always work on a dark BG / usually black but the colours would still need to work, I hope I managed to succeed!

I got a phone case (from Ggeeky for free!) for my good friend but wanted to show off what it looked like before I give it to her! ;w; I wish I didn’t have a Moto phone sometimes hahah

If anyone is interested in my art on some phone cases here you go! Ggeeky are also looking for new artists themselves as well! ^^

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Hi all! I’ve finished another design, this time it’s another cute animal based design. I just really wanted to draw a cute little hermit crab with a castle as it’s shell. When the I read the phrase “my home is my castle” I thought it fit perfectly!

It took a while but here’s Bulbasaur / Venusaur done!! I think I managed to keep a consistent style alongside the Fire and Water starters and I can’t wait to work on the others! (After Xmas though!) :D

Hiiii guys! My spoopy Dark Link design is part of TheYetee.com 's #Spoopyfest2018 collection until the 7th of October :3 It’s on shirts and sweatshirts ^^ theyetee.com

I hope you check it out, and also check out the other designs in the collection. They are fantastic!
Thank you always for supporting my artwork!

My art I posted on twitter last week went “semi art viral” which was amazing – I’ve never had that kind of response to my art before and I’m incredibly happy it happened! It’s incredibly motivating! THANK YOU!


I am hosting my first ever giveaway on my Twitter account! I’ve been wanting to host a giveaway for a while now since so many people have come to me and said they can’t afford my shirts :(

So if you want to join in, follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet here: