My art I posted on twitter last week went “semi art viral” which was amazing – I’ve never had that kind of response to my art before and I’m incredibly happy it happened! It’s incredibly motivating! THANK YOU!

This Mage design of mines has been really popular and I’m super happy lots of people like the design – If you missed it here it is on ShirtPunch!! :3
(Aug 13 print)

Oh hey this design has been picked up by Once Upon a Tee for a quick daily print !! Thank you for picking it as a featured design! if you missed out!

Hi all! My Cappy Party shirt design is printing over at TheYetee today for 24 hours :) (Aug 3rd) Hope you check it out! Sorry for the magnitude of shirt sale spam there has been lately!

Looks familiar? It’s my new banner on my portfolio page showing off 2017's Inktober drawings! I finally got last years (oops) Inktober drawings scanned in properly instead of phone camera photos. I’ve also finally updated my portfolio page showing my favourite ones off properly – replacing 2016's inktober works.

I really look forward to this year, whatever the prompt will be.

NEW DESIGN ALERT! So yeah, all I’ve been drawing is bee related designs! I’ve been having a ton of fun though and practising just simple typography has been helpful. I wont be stopping at three designs! There’s more on the way!

I’ve really been pushing some original illustrations and design work lately! I’m working hard on my Amazon store of designs so I’ll be adding these adorable dog face designs alongside my massive collection of dog pocket designs (TechraPockets)

New design alert!
:) Worked super hard on another original design – keeping up with those bee puns! I love positive and happy designs with lots of cute elements and colours! Hope you like it!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Qwertee has picked up my “Three Mages” design for a print today :) Shirts are £9 which is super cheap :) If you want to grab one here is the website link:

Sale ends on the 7th of July and it’s gone for good! Hope you pick one up.

Another great print by NeatoShop for my Etsy :3
NeatopShop helps support indie artists like me by fulfilling printing for my Etsy account :)

I’ve drawn a lot of dogs in the past year or so! They are the pocket designs I’ve been working and building on – I hope to concentrate more and more on original artwork in the future.

Dogs: Golden Labradoodle, Samoyed, Tibetan Mastiff, Cockapoo, Dalmation, Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, Pug, West Highland Terrier, Corgi, Chihuahua, Japanese Akita, Japanese Chin Dog, Pomeranian, Pibble Pitbull, Welsh Terrier, Bull Terrier and Basset Hound

Oh hey! I have a new design printing over on again! ^w^ This time it’s a sequel design to my most popular design so far :3
Froppy and frog costume Sakura are the best frog girls