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Woo!!! All my stores are on sale this Black Friday!!
https://linktr.ee/TechraNova 👈👈👈
So if you want to pick up my design of mines on a shirt, or a poster, or phone cases this is the ultimate link tree that takes you to all the stores!!! ^^
Thank you for supporting my art, I've really appreciated it over the years! 😁

New art alert!
Stay cozy, it's getting cold outside 🍂🍁🍂🍁

Some red panda art for you all. Also apparently it's also cosy/cozy! 😃

These were super fun to draw, especially Rosemon ^^
Thank you for the recent love for my Digimon drawings ;w;
Tentomon's mega was insanely hard to draw! Can't believe I'm finally done with these, but maybe I will do more digimon if people are interested 😃
Biyomon/Hououmon + Palmon/Rosemon
Tentomon/Herculeskabuterimon + Gomamon/Vikemon :3

I got to design this slimetacular shirt for Kasendrith!!! :3

If you recognise it, it's based on all the cool emotes I've done so far for his Twitch stream! I had a ton of fun drawing this, and if you also remember this also references an old art of mines from a few years back too 😁


:3 Direct link to the shirt above, it's a share a sale link that supports both me and Kas at the same time ^^

TeeFury are printing this design today only! Shirts are $12🌼🌾🌿🌱🦥🥰 TeeFury DOT Com
I'm going to grab myself the chocolate colour shirt ^^
It's in Navy, Black and Green too!

Thank you TeeFury for printing my design

Last weekend, my boyfriend took me to an Alpaca farm so we can do a 90 minute Alpaca walk around the farm. It was so cool, I got to learn more about alpacas too, they're such adorable and interesting animals.
He gave me the wordplay idea for this artwork :)

New Print alert!
Aaah ShirtPunch picked up this design to print today :3 Thank youuu! So yeah if you want to grab a nice screen printed tee today it's here for $12 (23rd Feb)


New artwork alert!

Finished this piece here that is in a style of a cover – it’s not part of anything, I just wanted to practice this – I also wanted to do a shirt/limited palette design with the same theming :3

Same EmBARK dog as well so it technically is a sequel, I think I’ll keep it as a character 🤣

So a double fetch quest :D
Hope you like it! Took a while to finish in-between double winter colds.

I think I’d love to be able to work on covers, especially ones in a cartoon style that’s character heavy – it’s just so much fun to do! I’m also improving my typography skills over time which is fantastic! As always I enjoy the character design and building that I still get to do!

Some non shirt stuff that sorta started out as shirts (middle char and the wizard one) :3 Just wanted to practice more character stuff. It’s a WIP if I can ever finish the BG.

I don’t want to be too hasty but there’s something in the works to do with all these characters and more I hope to realise one day!

Forgot to post some @qwertee shirts that arrived last week since I’ve been so absent :3 but they printed so well ^^
Much more vibrant in person!

Happy 2020! I finished it!! First artwork of the new decade! ^w^
Retrowave/synthwave/outrun look is my favourite aesthetic and I’ve done a few pieces in this style in the past! I finally got to draw a dragon too, I’m so proud of it!

Hello every one! Happy New Year and here is my first post for 2020!
Apologies for any sparseness and absence over the past few weeks! ( I like to count today as my official day back to it!) I’m catching up on Etsy stuff and I wanted to let you know I have some upcoming limited screenprinted shirt prints approaching! (Sylveon tonight) the others tba soon!

NEW ART ALERT! I finished the Galar starters in the cool element silhouette style! Thanks for liking these, I’ve really enjoyed doing them and I really appreciate the kind words! I’ve also enjoyed Sword a ton (I took Grookey :3 )

Not saying I’m done with these, but I will probably draw something else for a while haha :D I feel like that’s what I mostly did this year ^^’‘‘

:3 I wanted to put all the eeveelutions in one gif!!! Which one was your favourite from the bunch, mines is Umbreon (but I’m biased haha)


The final starters!
My Social Media accounts, which you will find these posts on there:
Facebook: @artbySarahRichford
Twitter: @SarahR_Art
Instagram: @techranova
Tumblr: @techranova

The Collection is complete! I have finally finished this Eeveelution set fan art in my element silhouette style! I hope you like them!

My Social Media accounts, which you will find these posts on there:
Facebook: @artbySarahRichford
Twitter: @SarahR_Art
Instagram: @techranova
Tumblr: @techranova

NEW ART ALERT! Woo! I’ve been too busy lately to draw much but I managed to squeeze in more of these drawings ^w^
Glaceon and Leafeon! I hope you like them! I tried something with the Glaceon palette, hopefully it works!

NEW ART ALERT! Finally finished the Espeon and Umbreon art! Umbreon was hard because I had the rule for it to always work on a dark BG / usually black but the colours would still need to work, I hope I managed to succeed!

SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Making a proper post for this! But these 3 designs of mines are printing today at ShirtPunch! If you love screenprinted tees this is a great place, they also have a spoopy code still on :D SPOOPY20 https://www.shirtpunch.com/

Took me so long to draw some eeveelutions in this style, BUT FINALLY it’s time! Not gonna stop here
I love drawing these elemental silhouette styles!

OTTERly Magical!! One more otter design :3 I’m extremely happy with how this one turned out ^^ I very much enjoy a character design / shirt design hybrid type of art. It’s still something I’m incredibly passionate with! I’ve also been told that my art would suit children’s novel covers so I hope I can work on something like that one day!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! x 2! I just finished both of these travel themed designs! Globe Tr-OTTER was the main one I was meant to do first. I wanted to do another design based on the EmBARK pun as well because I found it too good to pass up!

In the end here’s the two new designs! It’s time to emBARK and Globe Tr-OTTER! They will be available on my stores soon as possible! Just need to tweak the files a bit more.
Coming soon to: TeePublic, Redbubble, NeatoShop, Etsy, Displate, Spreadshirt and more!

I spent a while working on this little animation! :3 It looks simple but I’m not an animator! I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.
This was a paid commission for Kasendrith’s Twitch Streams, an overlay before a stream starts. I also worked on all of his new Twitch emotes, banners and a new profile picture!

https://www.twitch.tv/kasendrith Here is Kasendrith’s stream

NEW ARTWORK! Hello all! I’ve been back from my holiday for more than 10 days now and I’m just getting back into the swings of things – I had this artwork done before and I just remembered it today! So here’s ruff boi! I’m not sure if I intend it to be a shirt design – but I at least want it to be themed to my other dog artwork in a DnD style!

NEW PRINT ALERT! I’m still on my break so I’m sorry for the lack of art! I’m back on the 14th! But here’s even more shirt stuff! If you missed this design, it’s printing on https://www.onceuponatee.net/collections/design-of-the-day for 2 days! ^^

My shirt arrived from Qwertee! It looks so good, I’m also happy they screen printed a white layer instead of using the white of the shirt! It really helps Amaterasu stand out!
Hope you love the shirt! There’s another chance to grab this shirt for a limted time coming later today,!

NEW LIMITED PRINT ALERT! Ooooooh hey!! I have this limited shirt printing on TheYetee today! (Aug 3rd – also on tanks toooo!)

Here’s the shirt!! It’s popped up on OtherTees until the 31st of July ^w^ Shirts are £8 which is awesome and each shirt supports my art!
I’m also working on a barbarian doggo!


I got a phone case (from Ggeeky for free!) for my good friend but wanted to show off what it looked like before I give it to her! ;w; I wish I didn’t have a Moto phone sometimes hahah

If anyone is interested in my art on some phone cases here you go! Ggeeky are also looking for new artists themselves as well! ^^

I made a mockup with my 3 current “magical shirt protection spell” themed designs I’ve done so far! I hope to do more of these! I really like seeing them all together like this, it feels like a proper set.

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I made a shirt sequel to Meowgical spell and Magical Seal :3 It’s a PAWerful spell! Pretty much a trilogy now! Very happy with this one especially the character design element!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! My bf came up with this idea 😂 took me long enough to do it, he’s already beaten Sekiro twice.
Seriously though I was stuck on this design for a while and went on holiday for a few weeks in-between so it felt even longer, happy to have it done! I also like the limited colour palette

I’ve just finished another one of my “Element Silhouette” themed designs! :3 This time it’s mega Gengar!
Hope you like it ^^

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Hi all! I’ve finished another design, this time it’s another cute animal based design. I just really wanted to draw a cute little hermit crab with a castle as it’s shell. When the I read the phrase “my home is my castle” I thought it fit perfectly!

NEW PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️🛡️ :w; ONE MORE TIME, if you missed this design – it’s on Othertees until the 4th of July! Shirts are £8 :3

My EmBARK shirt arrived from TeeFury today!! :3 Thank you for printing my design guys!

(psst if you missed the chance for this shirt, there’s ONE MORE CHANCE coming once again tonight on another website! This design has been really popular, thank you for supporting my art, especially my original stuff ;w; )

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️Hey, if you missed out on my EmBARK shirt, @teefury picked it up for a print today! ;w; This one is a favourite design of mines and I’m so happy it got another print, I hope you guys like it too! (Shirts are $12) https://teefury.com/

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Yoo my “Menacing Ghost Within” design is printing at @ShirtPunch today!! 👻👻👻👻 Ends 23rd (Shirts $11) Sorry it’s all been shirt posts, they all seem to come at once!

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Yooo if you missed out on this design, here’s another chance for Tiger Driver! :3 Thank you TeeFury for printing my design and giving it a chance to be shown off on your platform!

WOO! I’m so happy about this one ;w; My “Time to EmBARK on an Epic Quest!” design is being printed by the awesome Qwertee website for 24 hours! (17-18th June!) https://www.qwertee.com/

This has been a personal favourite shirt design of mines, I’m so happy it’s getting some love and I hope many people get a shirt too!

Woo my Meowgical Spell shirt is silk screenprinting over at Wistitee.com This is my second print with these guys, my first print was an Autumn Totoro design surrounded by some forest Pokemon :D It’s up until the 16th of June! https://www.wistitee.com/en/

NEW FAN-ART ALERT! Hey all! I just wanted to make a post about all this Pokemon fan art I drew! I decided to do it in “Icon” format, square resolution so people can share the art around and set it as their profile pictures on Twitter, Instagram etc.
It’s been fun drawing these in my spare time! I will be doing a few more of these before moving onto new things!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I finally finished this new original piece and I’m super proud of this! I love incorporating some character design in my shirt designs too! Especially when it’s cute little animals!
Hope you like it!
Time to EmBARK on an epic quest!

My previous New design alert blog post! Where I talk about my RetroWave inspired design OWLSOME: https://preview.carbonmade.com/blog/6688649425868292109

NEW LIMITED EDITION PRINT ALERT! Hey all! The wonderful folks over at TheYetee.com are printing my Tiger Driver design today for a limited screenprint!
I’m personally really proud of this design, I spent a long time drawing it, and it was the first drawing from when I started working in a co-working office space! Glad to see my art go somewhere!

I made a Ko-fi account! Ko-fi is a website a little like Patreon where people can support artists, content creators and more! So if you’re interested here if the link!

NEW LIMITED SHIRT RUN ALERT! Hi all! The wonderful people over at Othertees have decided to give my new Meowgical Spell shirt a limited screen print! Love their quality, they printed my Magical Seal design a while back too so I’m really happy that they picked this one up too!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I decided to not be held back by colour limits and go all out for this Outrun Retrowave inspired aesthetic. I really enjoyed drawing my “Macawsome” design and I knew I had more to do in the future. I thought OWLsome was a perfect addition!

Sorry for lack of updates! I’ve been on home holiday! Came back last week and I’m slowly getting back into working/drawing again.
These are some recent prints from the new service I use to print my International (UK, EU +) orders on Etsy. I’m really impressed with the quality! Wish I could afford one of these awesome printers, someone spare me 15k lol
Anyway! They’re @ FCTextiles on FB if anyone is interested in my dropshopping source.

NEW DAILY PRINT ALERT! ShirtPunch.com are printing this greeeeen design today for obvious reasons! (March 17 2019) Hope you check it out! I’m very happy it got another print!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I’ve finally finished this Xenoblade inspired design! I hope you like it. This was a design that was quite a challenge to do (the post and limited colour palette for such colourful character design) and I will show my progress in a post tomorrow!

New artwork alert! So this one started off as a sort of companion piece to a previous design of mines (Knight Owl) a fantasy Owl in armour. The more I drew the more I wanted to go back to my roots and turn it into a regular character design!
So here’s the Crow Rogue, Crogue!

Qwertee have graciously picked up this design for a limited design print! 1st of March!
Hope you guys check it out!

Updating my Etsy account with some more original animal based shirt designs! Permanent Panic Opossum and Nervous Energy Greyhound! Thanks for sticking with me when I do more designs like it! I love doing some original based designs!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Made a companion piece :3 Nervous Energy Greyhound I’ve recently started working in a co-working freelance office and I think I’m channeling some feelings into my art.

This is another Illustrator piece minus the text and shading, I’m getting much better at vector based art! Paint Tool Sai has the vector capibility but no text in the system at all which makes my workflow more complicated than it needs to be. Trying to find the perfect program that can do it all!

I recently picked up Illustrator, and I’m looking to see if I can unify my workflow as I use a bunch of different programs to do my shirt designs! Still not quite there yet, but it’s fun to draw on Illustrator. Glad I gave it a second try :)

Having fun with RBG blending modes on Photoshop in the first image + playing with PhotoMosh in the second gif. Can you tell I love this style?

Getting back to some original designs! Idea by Stan – my partner who wanted an AWESOME Macaw design! I love the Retrowave, Outrun, Synthwave style of artwork and wanted to do something in that kind of style! Hope you like it!
Coming soon to my stores!

Here’s all the designs in my “Element Silhouette” series together in a quick gif collage! I’ve very much enjoyed drawing them all, and it’s been great seeing the improvement with some of them over time!

Want to contact me, Twitter is a good way to reach out! https://twitter.com/SarahR_Art/status/1094349858960486401

Here’s a bonus one I worked on through the weekend! I felt good about this until I REALISED I FORGOT ABOUT PICHU, pichu should’ve been the silhouette part!! So I might make an edit with both versions! Ooops.

Hello everyone! I finally finished my Grass Element Silhouette series! It’s a great feeling seeing them all together like this, I hope you like them! I will be taking a break from this style to work on some more original stuff! But I will be back to work on more in this style!

It took a while but here’s Bulbasaur / Venusaur done!! I think I managed to keep a consistent style alongside the Fire and Water starters and I can’t wait to work on the others! (After Xmas though!) :D

Purchased a new mockup for my designs to spice up my Etsy account! I really like the angled version of this! All of my main stores have been updated with this design!

All of my stores I sell on are on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday :)
TeePublic 30% off https://www.teepublic.com/user/techranova
NeatoShop 20% off: https://www.neatoshop.com/artist/TechraNova
Redbubble 20% off: https://www.redbubble.com/people/techranova
Etsy 10% off: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TechraNova

Hello everyone!
My Winter Zelda design got picked up by TheYetee for their cool #Sweaterfest2018 collection! I hope you like it and thank you so much for supporting my artwork!

Hiiii guys! My spoopy Dark Link design is part of TheYetee.com 's #Spoopyfest2018 collection until the 7th of October :3 It’s on shirts and sweatshirts ^^ theyetee.com

I hope you check it out, and also check out the other designs in the collection. They are fantastic!
Thank you always for supporting my artwork!

It’s never too early for spoopy art 🦇🌑 :)

I designed a shirt for the UKSM Gaming speedrunning event going on this weekend. (Middle one!)
It’s live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/uksmlive
The charity is SpecialEffect. If you want to donate directly to UKSM, here’s the link!

If you want to buy my cool shirt here is the link: https://store.uksmlive.com/index.php/product/unisex-uksm-power-up-shirt/
ALL profits got to Special Effect.

I donated my time to design the shirt and I’m really happy to support a caring cause. Special Effect is a gaming based charity that brings technology to help children with disabilities play the games they love. Please check it out ^^
Thank you!

My art I posted on twitter last week went “semi art viral” which was amazing – I’ve never had that kind of response to my art before and I’m incredibly happy it happened! It’s incredibly motivating! THANK YOU!


Oh hey this design has been picked up by Once Upon a Tee for a quick daily print !! Thank you for picking it as a featured design! https://www.onceuponatee.net/collections/design-of-the-day if you missed out!

Hi all! My Cappy Party shirt design is printing over at TheYetee today for 24 hours :) (Aug 3rd) Hope you check it out! Sorry for the magnitude of shirt sale spam there has been lately!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! So yeah, all I’ve been drawing is bee related designs! I’ve been having a ton of fun though and practising just simple typography has been helpful. I wont be stopping at three designs! There’s more on the way!

I’ve really been pushing some original illustrations and design work lately! I’m working hard on my Amazon store of designs so I’ll be adding these adorable dog face designs alongside my massive collection of dog pocket designs (TechraPockets)

New design alert!
:) Worked super hard on another original design – keeping up with those bee puns! I love positive and happy designs with lots of cute elements and colours! Hope you like it!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Qwertee has picked up my “Three Mages” design for a print today :) Shirts are £9 which is super cheap :) If you want to grab one here is the website link: https://www.qwertee.com/

Sale ends on the 7th of July and it’s gone for good! Hope you pick one up.

I’ve drawn a lot of dogs in the past year or so! They are the pocket designs I’ve been working and building on – I hope to concentrate more and more on original artwork in the future.

Dogs: Golden Labradoodle, Samoyed, Tibetan Mastiff, Cockapoo, Dalmation, Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, Pug, West Highland Terrier, Corgi, Chihuahua, Japanese Akita, Japanese Chin Dog, Pomeranian, Pibble Pitbull, Welsh Terrier, Bull Terrier and Basset Hound

Oh hey! I have a new design printing over on TheYetee.com again! ^w^ This time it’s a sequel design to my most popular design so far :3
Froppy and frog costume Sakura are the best frog girls

My summery windwaker inspired design is having a limited print run over at TheYetee.com today for 24 hours on their website ^^
TheYetee always treats artists so well and I love printing with them! :3 Hope you pick up a new shirt! (they have tanks too because suuuuuuuun!)

Updating my banners to my websites and stores – you’ll see some repeat designs because I want to show off my best work! My TeePublic banner as my favourite designs, my Redbubble banner was updated with only original artwork. Lastly my Twitter banner was a way to immediately showcase to people what kind of artwork I produce – hope you enjoy!

My Gaming mouse design is printing today over at ShirtPunch.com ^w^ For 24 hours – my first daily print of the year, aww yiiis! https://www.shirtpunch.com/gaming-mouse
I was contacted 2 days ago about printing asap – I didn’t know it would be this quick!

Anyay, shirts are $10 and the sale ends after 24 hours ^^

I have a Splatoon design printing on TheYetee.com today for 24 hours! :)

First print with Othertees! A website I have submitted…so many designs too without success! But I finally have a design printing there, and it’s an original design! Hope you like it!
Also available on mugs:

SHALAKA! I have another print at http://theyetee.com/ again! This time it’s a Hestu inspired shirt design from Breath of the Wild! I hope you like it ^^
I very much enjoy designing quirky shirts!

Aahh ;w; thank you to everyone who has been buying my silly waffle dog shirt from Teefury.com I really appreciate it! :3 Never popped up in the fan favourite section before ^^
The fact that my original art drawing (not tied to IPs) is selling extremely well makes me proud :)

I have a special daily print over at TheYetee.com today! 24 hours and it’s gone!
Love printing with these guys, their print quality is top notch!
Check it out KWEH!

I am hosting my first ever giveaway on my Twitter account! I’ve been wanting to host a giveaway for a while now since so many people have come to me and said they can’t afford my shirts :(

So if you want to join in, follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet here:

Two new designs of mines have been added to TeeFury.com
I’m extremely happy to see my original Woofles design has been added to a premium website that normally deals with pop culture crossover shirts! Makes me happy!

Greetings! I have a shirt printing today on a website called TeeTee.eu for 48 hours ^^ First time printing with TeeTee so I’m excited about that. A big Studio Ghibli Facebook page are doing a giveaway on the shirt so you should go there and try to win one! :3

Design Sneak peak, look at those nice halftones!! :) I’m very happy with how this design came out, I feel like I’m getting better at more simplistic colour palettes. Instead of trying to be colour accurate all the time, sometimes themes are better

Design sneak peak! 3rd design for November and perhaps the last festive design I will be doing! :3 Can you guess what it is yet?

My second Festive design in November! I aim to do one more before I move onto some bright Spring themed designs! This one is based on one of my favourite childhood games, can you guess what it is? :)

Design Sneak peak! I’m hoping to spend most of November doing some festive/Christmas themed designs so stay tuned!

New Shirt design SNEAK PEAK!
What can these be, can you guess? It’s a silly design but I love it!

A late post, just wanted to document that this specific design was on sale on TheYetee.com on the 1st September! (1/09/16)
I hope you liked it!

New shirt design sneak peak! I hope you get to see this design in full very soon. I’m extremely proud of how this one turned out. 4 colours only: shirt works on navy, black, purple and other dark colours.

TheYetee are printing my Disgaea x Totoro mash up shirt design on the 30th June to the 1st July (2016)
This is my 7th print with these wonderful people, thank you!

A little sneak peak for my next shirt illustration and design. A close up of my “halftone” work as well (45 LPI Round) I’m extremely happy with how this one turned out! Although the background of this shirt is a very light blue, it works for much darker shades and purple even more! Officially this shirt (not including shirt colour) contains 5 colours.

Hey guys! Two of my designs have been picked and featured on http://www.teefury.com/ as part of their Anime collection. The collection runs from the 17th-24th April 2016. Shirts are $17 until the week rolls over!
You can find them here:

I edited some brushes on Paint Tool Sai to try and create a Sumi-E Effect :) I hope I managed to achieve that!

A sneak peak to my lastest tee design! My partner requested I draw a certain themed shirt for a certain game’s release cough (on the 24th of March) *cough
I thought I’d show some close ups of my halftone work!