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(SHIRT PRINT ALERT) Making a proper post for this now since these shirt prints are both up on ShirtPunch today only! ^w^ (Nov 16th)

NEW PRINT ALERT! I’m still on my break so I’m sorry for the lack of art! I’m back on the 14th! But here’s even more shirt stuff! If you missed this design, it’s printing on https://www.onceuponatee.net/collections/design-of-the-day for 2 days! ^^

I made a mockup with my 3 current “magical shirt protection spell” themed designs I’ve done so far! I hope to do more of these! I really like seeing them all together like this, it feels like a proper set.

I’ve just finished another one of my “Element Silhouette” themed designs! :3 This time it’s mega Gengar!
Hope you like it ^^

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Hi all! I’ve finished another design, this time it’s another cute animal based design. I just really wanted to draw a cute little hermit crab with a castle as it’s shell. When the I read the phrase “my home is my castle” I thought it fit perfectly!

NEW PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️🛡️ :w; ONE MORE TIME, if you missed this design – it’s on Othertees until the 4th of July! Shirts are £8 :3

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! 🐶⚔️Hey, if you missed out on my EmBARK shirt, @teefury picked it up for a print today! ;w; This one is a favourite design of mines and I’m so happy it got another print, I hope you guys like it too! (Shirts are $12) https://teefury.com/

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Yoo my “Menacing Ghost Within” design is printing at @ShirtPunch today!! 👻👻👻👻 Ends 23rd (Shirts $11) Sorry it’s all been shirt posts, they all seem to come at once!

NEW SHIRT PRINT ALERT! Yooo if you missed out on this design, here’s another chance for Tiger Driver! :3 Thank you TeeFury for printing my design and giving it a chance to be shown off on your platform!

I’m happy I managed to finish SOMETHING before taking a big break :D Sad I couldn’t get a mega Gengar version done too but I will resume when I return! I said I’d continue to do more of these “Element Silhouettes” so here you go! :D

NEW DESIGN ALERT! I finally finished this new original piece and I’m super proud of this! I love incorporating some character design in my shirt designs too! Especially when it’s cute little animals!
Hope you like it!
Time to EmBARK on an epic quest!

My previous New design alert blog post! Where I talk about my RetroWave inspired design OWLSOME: https://preview.carbonmade.com/blog/6688649425868292109

NEW DESIGN(s) ALERT! I’m heading home to Scotland for 2 weeks and I don’t usually work on anything when I do that! So I wanted to have some work done beforehand! I ended up doing more TechraNova Element Silhouettes with Lucario and Mewtwo! I’m really happy with how they turned out! I hope you like them!

Here’s all the designs in my “Element Silhouette” series together in a quick gif collage! I’ve very much enjoyed drawing them all, and it’s been great seeing the improvement with some of them over time!

Want to contact me, Twitter is a good way to reach out! https://twitter.com/SarahR_Art/status/1094349858960486401

All of my stores I sell on are on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday :)
TeePublic 30% off https://www.teepublic.com/user/techranova
NeatoShop 20% off: https://www.neatoshop.com/artist/TechraNova
Redbubble 20% off: https://www.redbubble.com/people/techranova
Etsy 10% off: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TechraNova

The lovely people over at OnceUponaTee are printing my design for a few days!
Iyou missed out on this design of mines recently, it’s on @OnceTees for a few days! :3 You can even get it on a Christmas ornament – which is pretty festive!

I’ve updated the stores because of the bunch of requests I got :3 Thank you doods for liking my art 😍
TeePublic: Username TechraNova
NeatoShop: Username TechraNova
Etsy: Username TechraNova
Tostadora: Username TechraNova
Redbubble 1: Username TechraNova
Redbubble 2: Username TrinityDragon

Hello everyone!
My Winter Zelda design got picked up by TheYetee for their cool #Sweaterfest2018 collection! I hope you like it and thank you so much for supporting my artwork!

Hiiii guys! My spoopy Dark Link design is part of TheYetee.com 's #Spoopyfest2018 collection until the 7th of October :3 It’s on shirts and sweatshirts ^^ theyetee.com

I hope you check it out, and also check out the other designs in the collection. They are fantastic!
Thank you always for supporting my artwork!

It’s never too early for spoopy art 🦇🌑 :)

Oh hey this design has been picked up by Once Upon a Tee for a quick daily print !! Thank you for picking it as a featured design! https://www.onceuponatee.net/collections/design-of-the-day if you missed out!

Hi all! My Cappy Party shirt design is printing over at TheYetee today for 24 hours :) (Aug 3rd) Hope you check it out! Sorry for the magnitude of shirt sale spam there has been lately!

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Qwertee has picked up my “Three Mages” design for a print today :) Shirts are £9 which is super cheap :) If you want to grab one here is the website link: https://www.qwertee.com/

Sale ends on the 7th of July and it’s gone for good! Hope you pick one up.

I reached 100 sales on my Etsy store since opening it in August 2017! I’m super thankful for NeatoShop – a great place that prints my designs on shirts! I hope to expand my Etsy store more and more in the future!