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NEW DESIGN ALERT! My bf came up with this idea 😂 took me long enough to do it, he’s already beaten Sekiro twice.
Seriously though I was stuck on this design for a while and went on holiday for a few weeks in-between so it felt even longer, happy to have it done! I also like the limited colour palette

I’m happy I managed to finish SOMETHING before taking a big break :D Sad I couldn’t get a mega Gengar version done too but I will resume when I return! I said I’d continue to do more of these “Element Silhouettes” so here you go! :D

It’s never too early for spoopy art 🦇🌑 :)

NEW DESIGN ALERT! Qwertee has picked up my “Three Mages” design for a print today :) Shirts are £9 which is super cheap :) If you want to grab one here is the website link: https://www.qwertee.com/

Sale ends on the 7th of July and it’s gone for good! Hope you pick one up.